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The President of the University of Tripoli-Lebanon condemns the insistence on spreading discord in Lebanon

11 June 2020

The President of the University of Tripoli-Lebanon condemns the insistence on spreading discord in Lebanon and the cheap media abuse to the sisterly Republic of Turkey and calls on the President of the Lebanese Republic, the Parliament Chair, and the Prime Minister to follow the issue seriously and responsibly in front of the competent judiciary.

The President of the University of Tripoli, Lebanon, Professor Dr. Raafat Muhammad Rashid Al-Mikati, issued the following statement:

On Wednesday evening, on the 10th of June 2020, we were surprised by what the presenter of a television program in Lebanon transformed his program into a platform to insult and curse the head of a friendly country to Lebanon the size of the sister Turkish Republic, with the dirtiest types of insults, which he mixed with a odd insistence on stirring religious and sectarian strife in Lebanon.

This proven crime is condemned. The discriminatory Public Prosecution calls for an immediate claim on everyone whom the investigation reveals, whether it is an actor, a partner, an interlocutor, or an instigator.

It is striking that this witnessed media crime, which sparked a storm of condemnation on the nation’s surface, occurred after one day of the collective solidarity stance that we stood at the Palace of Justice in Beirut with our colleagues, presidents of private universities in Lebanon and the syndicates’ heads of free professions, including lawyers, doctors, engineers, and solidarity nurses. With civil peace and a rejection of sedition, in the wake of the unfortunate incidents in Beirut last Saturday, in which the grave abuse of the House of Prophecy of Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the stabbing of the mother of the believers, may God be pleased with her and her land, and the awakening of great sedition in the Lebanese regions were awakened, and we at that time appealed to the rational people to contribute urgently to extinguishing them and to curb the foolish people from going into conflict in the midst of new civil wars that serve only the enemies of Lebanon, especially the Israeli enemy.

We turn to the three presidencies in Lebanon by calling for this issue and its representatives to be pursued in a serious and responsible manner before the competent judiciary, because most of the fire comes from the slightest sparks, and allowing repetition of these condemned and rejected practices would re-legislate the doors to sedition, and wasting the explicit legal texts in the penal law Lebanese.

The difference is very large between freedom of expression and the crime of humiliation, and Lebanon, preoccupied with its successive collapses, does not lack additional diplomatic collapses that cut off the remaining foreign bridges with its regional and international surroundings, especially the sister Turkish Republic, which ties it to Lebanon with all its sects and doctrines, good relations at all levels, especially in the cultural and economic fields.

The National Media Council is required to assume its responsibilities and carry out its duties in this regard, under the penalty of being held accountable for its negligence responsibility as a result of not taking legal measures and enforcing the provisions in force.