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The Origins and Evolution of the University

The University of Tripoli - Lebanon

  1. A private Lebanese institution for higher education established by the Islamic Islah Association in 1403H (1982AD) in Tripoli, Lebanon, Zeitoun area Tripoli (Abu Samra, Islah Street) Islamic Islah Complex.
  2. Authorized by Presidential Decree No. 3484 dated 15/10/1986 in the name of (Tripoli Institute of Islamic Studies).
  3. The Equivalence Committee of the Supreme Islamic Shari'a Council issued its decision on 10/1/1991 to recognize the certificate of leave issued by the College.
  4. The Equation Committee of the Ministry of National Education issued on June 25, 1991 its final decision to recognize the certificate of leave in Islamic law and studies issued by the College.
  5. The faculty is supervised by a scientific board of specialists.
  6. Member of the Association of Islamic Universities - Cairo.