Campus Life

Student Life

Student Life

University’s library

The university holds a library considered to be one of the most important university libraries in Lebanon. It has been established to serve scientific research and assist the development of Islamic cultural knowledge. The library hosts about forty thousand (40,000) books in addition to E-books.

University Dormitory

The University of Tripoli offers its students coming from far areas or from outside Lebanon a distinctive university dormitory within its campus, equipped with all means of comfort.

Informatics Lab

The Informatics Lab includes a set of computers, an LCD display and internet service to be used, responding to technical and logistical needs in various faculties and specialties.

Audiovisual Hall

The university's Audiovisual Hall is equipped with the latest technical facilities serving teachers and students.

Sports courts

The university includes football and basketball courts to develop students' talents.

University Theater

The university includes a theater that covers all activities and official celebrations, as well as training students on presentation skills.

Transportation to and from the university

Since its inception, the university has provided transport for students coming from far regions.