Welcome to the faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration, at The University of Tripoli, has gained reputation for its practical program, which mixes the Islamic System in economics and banking with the western system in the Arab World. Thus, it offers innovative undergraduate programs, including Bachelor of Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Management Information System.

Bachelor of business Administration (BBA)

The bachelor in business Administration (BBA) is a three-year program that provides flexible education/teaching without prior experience. It is a full-time, on campus program that consists of (108) credit hours, a combination of Business Management and other courses, including the relevant Islamic materials, which distinguishes our program from others in the region.


  • Management
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

The Requirements

The requirements for obtaining a Bachelors degree in business Administration, Accounting, Business Management (MIS), or in Marketing are to study (108) credit hours successfully according to the following:

Requirements Credit hours
University Requirements 18
Faculty Requirements 15
Department Requirements
Compulsory 66
Elective 09
Total 108

Program of Study

A three-year full-time on campus providing a flexible approach, which does not require any prerequisites.

Admission Requirements

1-A high school diploma or equivalent.

2-Entrance exam for the English language in order to determine the level.

3-The University and the faculty do not require the language of English or Arabic until the end of the study of language levels in the university centers.

Language of Study

Considering all the articles of specialization in English except for some materials that require nature taught in Arabic.

Required Documents

High School Certificate or equivalent / Copy of ID / Health Certificate / Judicial Record / 3Photographs / copy of the previous University’s Certificate or an Enrollment Official Statement for those wishing to transfer from another university or attend higher studies.

Terms of Transferring from Another high Education Institutes

1- A recognized university by Lebanese Ministry of Education.

2- A high school transcript.

3- A university transcript.

4- Description of courses, which the student wishes to transfer to the University of Tripoli.