Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies

The University's nucleus was founded in 1402 AH / 1982 AD as the "Tripoli Institute of Islamic Studies" and the Presidential Decree No. (1736) was issued on 14/4/2009 by converting it to the University of Tripoli. It is a Lebanese private institution for higher education Established by the Al-Islah Al-Islami Association in 1403 AH/1982 AD.
Authorized by Presidential Decree No. 3484 dated 15/10/1986 AD under the name of (Tripoli Institute of Islamic Studies).
The Equivalence Committee of the Supreme Islamic Shari'a Council made its decision on 10/1/1991 to recognize the certificates issued and granted by the Faculty. The Equivalency Committee of the Ministry of National Education issued its final decision on June 25, 1991, recognizing the certificates in Islamic law and studies issued by the Institute.
The Department of postgraduate studies in its two branches (Sharia and Islamic Studies) was inaugurated in 2000.
The Diploma of Islamic Educational Sciences was inaugurated in the Department of postgraduate studies in 2003.
The faculty is supervised by a scientific board of specialists.
The teaching staff is composed of a selection of senior professors and scholars from all over the Arab world.
Member of the Association of Islamic Universities in Cairo and member of the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (ISESCO)
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in its decision numbered No. 36/78/2008, considers the Master’s Degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies issued by our university institution as officially recognized and equated by the ministry and its Institute of Higher Education, qualifying their holder to pursue his Ph.D. studies in Sharia and Islamic studies.
The University of Tripoli Hosts the largest Islamic grand library in the North governorate.