About the Community Service and Continuing Education Center

In its positive interaction with the local community and its impact on the qualification of its human resources, the rehabilitation of its individuals and raising awareness among them to face social challenges and obstacles, the University of Tripoli’s role is one of the most important pillars of its social responsibilities.

The University of Tripoli has three main functions: education, scientific research and community service. Based on the UT’s vision in achieving distinction among people, and in line with its pioneering awareness and cultural role in community and environmental development, the Community Service and Continuing Education Center was founded.

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center’s work includes two main activities: community service activities that aim at harnessing the University's potential and its human and material resources in providing diverse community services to all society segments, and educational activities that aim at spreading knowledge and increasing the chances of students’ admission in vital disciplines Keeping pace with the region’s labor market needs.

To achieve its objectives, the Community Service and Continuing Education Center provides scientific studies, community research projects and quality training programs that contribute to the development of the professional abilities and skills of the human cadres working in governmental and non-governmental institutions and specialized in all administrative, financial, educational, scientific, linguistic, health and technical fields; in cooperation with a group of distinguished experts working in various UT units.